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X 723121 CRUX Party Unicorn & Café 2-Pack Face Masks-DISCONTINUED

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723121 Party Unicorn & Café 2-Pack Face Masks CRUX-6

$2.50 each mask, $30 for a set of 6 2-Packs.

Each Unit Includes Two Face Masks

4¾”x 3½” children size only. 

Mask Specifics: 

  1. Quadruple padded antibacterial layers.
  2. 100% breathable cotton.
  3. Good airflow and comfortable ear loops. 
  4. Antibacterial protection integrated into the fabric.
  5. Self-sanitizing Antimicrobial protection integrated into the fabric. 
  6. Reusable and Hand Washable.  
  7. Designed by CRUX Japan with cute graphics. 
  8. Coffee Embroidery Feature Icon
  9. Non-Medical mask. 
  10. Includes extra cotton gauze pads for additional filter.  

Made with 100% soft cotton. Designed and handmade with 4 padded layers providing 3 layers of air pockets for great airflow/breath-ability and comfortable elastic ear loops.  

Reusable; hand wash only with mild detergent.

4¾”x 3½” small size is perfect for children and petite women.

Antibacterial cloth masks are designed to be odor-resistant and to help prevent the growth of bacteria on the fabric's surface. 

Antimicrobial protection integrated into the mask fabric to self-sanitize. Helps keep it clean as much as it helps keep you clean.

Antimicrobial agents kill bacteria by different methods depending on the type of bacteria. Most antiseptics and disinfectants kill bacteria immediately by causing the bacterial cell to explode or are known as bacterial conjugation by consuming bacterial resources by preventing the multiplication of bacteria.

使用上的注意点:     清洗的时候有可能会发生掉色,变型等情况,所以请不要和其他东西一起洗。用中性洗衣粉洗,轻轻按压清洗晒干就可以。      如果太用力揉洗的话,刺绣的部分有可能产生掉色情况,所以请不要放洗衣机里面洗。    如果有用到熨斗的情况下,请避开刺绣的部分。    万一,这口罩的材质会使你的皮肤感到不适应的情况下,请不要再使用。   如果皮肤上有伤口,或者有发炎的情况下,请不要使用。       由于不是医用口罩,不能非常有效的抵挡有害气体和灰尘。   除了口罩以外,请不要用于其他用途。    随着清洗的次数越多,抗菌效果也会随着减弱。