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Japanese Plush

NEW Plush 7.22.21

Exclusive Japanese Plush from Japan. Unique, Soft, and Super Cute! 

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Japanese Blind Box Figurines

NEW Shiba Inu Puppy! 7.22.21

A Surprise Every Time! Unique Miniature Japanese Figurines in a Wonderful Display Box.  

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Japanese Paper Goods

NEW Mini Notepads 7.22.21

Cute Japanese Mini Notepads, Notebooks, Sticky Notes, and more! 

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Japanese Gashapon Capsule Toys

NEW Capsules 7.22.21

Hilarious and Cute Miniature Figurines From Japan!

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Toy Gel Pens

Discover All the Adorable and Quality Gel Pens in Beautiful Displays! 

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Key Charms

Add some extra personality where ever you go! Beautiful detailed charms of Silly Animals and Foods.

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Stickers Restocked 7.6.21

An endless variety of Flat, Gel, Puffy, and more Stickers! 

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Figurines, Solar, Toys

NEW Animals, Cat, & Dogs!

Mini Figurines, Solar Dancing Toys and more! Perfect for decoration around the house. 

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IWAKO Japanese Erasers

Erasers Restocked! 5.26.2021

OFFICIAL US Distributor of Japanese Iwako Puzzle Erasers! Endless Choices of Cute, Eco-Friendly, Practical Erasers. 

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Japanese Stationary

NEW Iwako Pencil Sharpeners!

Adorable Japanese Stationary. Stamps, Glue, Sharpeners, and more items perfect for the classroom.

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Miniature Designer Chair Models

From the museum to your desk. Add some minature art to your space.

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Japanese Pencils

Classy or Silly. Discover the Japanese Elegance and Wackiness of Pencils Made in Japan!

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Children's Japanese Face Masks

4¾”x 3½” children size. Made with 100% soft cotton. Designed and handmade with 4 padded Antibacterial layers for clean airflow/breath-ability and comfortable elastic ear loops.  


Brass Bells

A wide variety of Japanese culture icons, cute animals, and more! An inexpensive & high margin retail impulse item.

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Squishy Toys

The Softest and Squishiest! From Unicorns to French Fries! 

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Japanese Badges

Funky and Wild Japanese Character Pop Badge Pins. Perfect for clothes, bags, and more! 

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Japanese Models

Fully Painted Japanese Blind Box Models of WWII Fighter Planes, Tanks, and More. Perfect gift for collectors. 

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