How To Sell Capsules?

If you are looking for unique and silly miniature figurines; look no further than Japanese Capsule Toys.
Here Are Some Examples of Stores Displaying these Great Products!
 All Capsules are $3 Wholesale Not Matter the Style.
 Make a Capsule Universe and Keep Customers Coming Back for All Styles!
 Have the Space? Make a Display!
 Each Capsule has a Color Printout of All Options in the Series.
 Lay Out the Figurines to Maximize The Cuteness!


BCmini 2022 Catalog

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Various Products Expected to Release Throughout 2022.
Utilize Website for ETA Details

Discontinued, Incoming, & Limited Edition Items

Many Japanese Products are Considered Limited Edition and Are Not
Reproduced Once Sold Out.

Full Catalog Will Include Products That Are No Longer
Available for Purchasing

Please Use the Website As a Tool To View Each Product's Status. Including Available Products.

BCmini's 2022 Catalog

Updated 5/11/2022

Full Catalog of Products 2022

Please Utilize Website to View Available, Discontinued, or Incoming Products


BCmini 2021 Catalog

Catalog for New 2021 Products

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