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X 70923 Cat Plush Capsule-DISCONTINUED

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70923 Cat Plush Capsule-6 Pieces/set

Six Assorted Cat Plush by YELL Japan. 1” to 2¼”.

$3, $18 display of 6 assorted Cats.

ALL CAPSULES BARCODED FOR RETAIL.  Original condition as sold in Japan, limited edition, will not be reproduced, not sold elsewhere outside Japan, exclusive from bcmini.

Mini Japanese figurine toys packaged in a see-through capsule; imported from Japan. 

Known as GASHAPON (ga-sha-pon) GAME in Japan; where you receive a random figurine with each purchase through a machine. Each Capsule is sealed and is 100% recyclable. 

Some of these new products are not even released in Japan yet!
Limited Edition Figurines! Get them while you can.