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70546 GRAY CAT BELL-10

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70546 GRAY CAT BELL-10

70¢ each, $7 for 10 bells.

BRASS BELLS are ¾” diameter in size. Wholesale for 60¢ each bell, $6 for 10 pieces of same design.

bcmini offers 70 designs of ¾” quality brass bell charms, with Japanese culture icons and cute animal designs. They are high margin retail inpulse items, they make shopping in your store fun and inexpensive, nobody walks out of your store emptyhanded.

Bells have been used for centuries as effective security, decorative or identity devices, hanging on the door handle alerts you to entry heard from elsewhere in the house, Christmas tree ornaments, on your purse or backpack let you know there is movement to your properties, and great safety device on toddlers if they wonder off into the distance.